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There comes a time when the journey to enter an international market is filled with challenges and complexity. NovaLinks International provides exceptional resources to help expand your business to the world with ease and simplicity. We create strong connections with clients to ensure custom solutions on business growth and expansions, taking your success to the next level of height.

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International Commerce Solutions

Different Approach, Unique Solutions

NovaLinks International is committed to navigate our clients through complex international trade regulations, providing the absolute best quality of services to simplify your import and export business needs. 

It is critical to stay ahead of the evolving trade policies and understand factors that are transforming international trade among such dynamic world. Our team members have years of experience in APAC/NA asset investments, jewelry and gemstone trade expertise, and production in China market, and assortment of networks with international commerce regulation services.  Whether you are searching for global suppliers, considering exporting products to the APAC market, or consulting about product commercial strategies and business expansion, NovaLinks have different programs and services that you can truly rely on. 

Our Services

Business Connection

Our extensive networks are valuable resources for you. Whether you are looking for a suppliers, manufacturer, or a business partner, we can help! We are committed to provide the best-fitted connections that would enlighten your company’s future growth.

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Intermediary Services

If you are currently located out of U.S, do not worry. We offer professional streamlined services that act on your behalf to take care of business operations for you, per your needs any time. Your projects are ensured to be completed remotely with high efficiency.

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Commerce Consultation

Our team expertise in Asia would be able to simplify your product entrance to key Asian markets. We provide quality support on trade compliance, cost-effective entry plans, investment strategies, and market assessments that best resonate your growth strategy.

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