Global Strategic Partnership

  • Search for global suppliers or buyers with the best opportunities aligned with your needs
  • Connect to potential business partners and resources that will exponentially boost your business development


Import and Export Services

  • Manage onsite inventory and shipments in U.S. warehouse locations
  • Coordinate product inbound/outbound logistics, including packaging and shipment
  • Ensure import and export activities are in compliance to market regulation, and obtain required licensure if applicable


Intermediary Agent

  • Provide professional business translation and documentation process services
  • Act as the Power of Attorney for buyer/supplier negotiation purpose
  • Manage international projects, resources, and assets based on your business needs


Trade Strategy Consultation

  • Access and analyze international market development opportunities
  • Develop launch strategies and product management plans for potential market expansion 
  • Determine appropriate pricing strategy based on effective pricing models and industrial analysis

Bridge to the Dynamic World